The Ross Mill Farm is a multi-service facility dedicated to the potbellied pig as a household companion pet. Recognized nationally for its training and development programs, the Farm’s techniques, services, and products have become the standard for quality and excellence in the care of this unique breed type.

The Farm, originally established in 1740, is nestled in the rolling hills of Bucks Country, Pennsylvania, one hour north of Philadelphia. Situated on 30 acres of pristine woods and streams, the historic fieldstone buildings and grounds, along with the Lodge… our main boarding facility… have been carefully modified to provide the perfect environment for the care of pet pigs.


Ross Mill Farm has been dedicated to potbellied pigs since 1990, working closely with Pig Placement Network, a 501c-3 charity whose mission is to promote domesticated pigs as pets; to provide education to pet pig owners, veterinarians, shelters and the general public; to work with animal shelters, humane societies, and pet pig owners to rescue unwanted, abused or abandoned pet pigs and place them into new, loving homes. Ross Mill Farm is the largest foster home for PPN pigs seeking their forever homes.

Pig Housing

The old barn, built in the 1730s, is a functioning home to many of our outdoor pigs. The area behind the barn, The Village, features large pens with pig houses for our pigs who prefer to be outside but still enjoy the comforts of a warm, dry bed in a cozy abode. Pig pens can be found in many areas of the farm, including adjacent to the Lodge, in front of the old barn, and throughout the Village.


The Lodge was built in 2005, designed as a boarding facility for potbellied pigs. It contains 38 pens to house both short-term and long-term boarding pigs, as well as pigs up for adoption, special need pigs, and those under medical care. The indoor room features the nursery, where piglets socialize with other piglets as well as the staff. The nursery also features a special pen for mother pigs to nurse their young. Each pig pen in the Lodge has a private yard attached so the pigs can go in and out at their leisure. The outdoor spaces are partially covered enabling pigs to enjoy being outdoors regardless of the weather.

Pig Grooming & Vet Services

Ross Mill Farm offers grooming services in The Lodge, where pigs can be groomed and pampered. Pig grooming, including hoof trims, can be scheduled for people to bring their pig for an appointment, or to have done while their pig is boarding with us. We also offer Veterinary Services on a regular schedule. Customers can bring their pig to the farm while our vets are here or arrange to have vet work done while boarding their pig.

Support Us

Decorating the walls of the Lodge, you will find our Pig Art, paintings created by pigs for pig-loving people everywhere. Through a clever system using heavy plastic tarp over canvases with paint squirted on them, the pigs make their masterpieces without ever coming into contact with the paint itself. These one-of-a-kind items make wonderful gifts. The money raised from the Pig Art helps to support the Pig Placement Network adoptable pigs in our care.

Another way in which we support the adoptable pigs in our care is through our on-site store. The little gift shop, located next to our warehouse, has wonderful, gently-used pig items donated by friends of the farm. It’s the perfect place to pick up a souvenir or to find a pig figurine to add to your collection. Also available for sale at the farm are all the items we sell online… pig food, harnesses, cookies, books, grooming products, and more. Everything you need for your potbellied pig can be found at Ross Mill Farm.

Monetary donations are very much appreciated. Please donate to our sister company, the Pig Placement Network. We also accept blankets, quilts, sheets, and towels… but nothing filled with feathers, please. We are always in need of volunteers as well. If interested, please let a staff member know or call the farm at 215-322-1539. Farm Tours can be scheduled in advance for a minimum donation of $50. Call the above number to arrange a time and date or if you have any questions.


Ross Mill Farm is very active within the community, educating the public about potbellied pigs and their care, as well as spreading valid information about the myth of “tea cup pigs”. We do many pet-expo appearances, as well as Kiss-a-Pig events at local schools and business functions.

We Would Love to see you!

(Currently closed to visitors, with the exception of Farm Tours, until further notice. 04/2021)

Visitors are welcome at the farm daily, between the hours of noon and 3pm. Children must be accompanied by an adult and must stay with the adult while at the farm. Pets are not allowed. We ask that visitors sign in at the Lodge, the large building with the green roof at the back of the property, where a staff member can go over the guidelines of interacting with the pigs.