As you can see below, we think there are far more advantages than disadvantages to having a potbellied pig as a pet, but that doesn’t mean that a pet pig is for everybody.  There is a reason we often use the phrase “Pig Parent”;  having a pig is very similar to being a parent.  It requires a lot of love (and even more patience), and it is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.


  • Long life span (anywhere from 12 to 20 years, and sometimes even longer).
  • Pigs are relatively clean and odor-free
  • No fleas (but we do suggest inspecting them for ticks if they’ve been outdoors)
  • Very little shedding (although some pigs do blow their coat once or twice a year, at least that is done in a quick time period)
  • Pigs are quiet (no barking) although they can get vocal at meal time!
  • Very smart and can be easy to train to use a litter-box, perform tricks, and to wear a harness
  • Not expensive (good quality pig food is still usually cheaper than dog food, and their yearly vet work is very affordable)
  • Communicative and affectionate



  • Long life span means a long commitment from the pig parent.  Do you know what you’ll be doing in 20 years?
  • There are zoning issues with owning a pig.  You must make sure your home is in an area that is zoned for pet pigs (and this includes any home that you may move to in the next 20+ years.
  • Finding a veterinarian who is qualified to treat potbellied pigs may be a challenge
  • Pigs can become spoiled and manipulative.  Again, just like human children.  You have to raise them right.
  • Pigs require a commitment of time and energy from their people


Like most pets, adopting a potbellied pig is not something to rush into or something that should be taken lightly.  There are ways to work through the disadvantages to make being a pig parent doable.  For example, if the thought of a 20 year commitment is daunting, then possibly consider adopting an older pig.  We think that is a wonderful way to “work the system”.  Pet pigs are a wonderful animal and can be a great addition to your family, but they are not for everyone.

Please do your homework before deciding to bring a pig into your life.  If you’re not sure, look into volunteering at a pig rescue or sanctuary.  That’s another way to have pigs in your life!