Now that it’s June and we’re starting to see some warm weather, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your piggy cool and comfy this summer.  The way we see it, that can be one of two ways…

Get your pig a Piggy Pool!  

Nothing like relaxing in a little kiddie pool.  Some pigs enjoy laying and rolling in their pools, while others (like Linc here) just enjoy standing and cooling off the ol’ tootsies.  

Any little child pool will do.  Many can be found at retailers like Target and Walmart.  

Sometimes we cut down part of one side so our pigs can step into it more easily.  

Sure, the water needs to be changed daily (or maybe even a couple times a day), but most piggies love their pools and we just love making them happy.  I mean, how can we deny these faces anything?!  If they want a pool… they’re gonna get a pool.  It’s a nice way to spoil them a little that doesn’t involve over-indulging them with treats.  

Because if you don’t get them a pool…

…they’re going to find some other way to cool themselves off, and that’s when things can get really interesting (if you find mud to be interesting).  Sure, we all love pics of a piggy covered in mud and looking like a new breed of brown pig, but the reality is a little bit different.  If you have an indoor pig, you really don’t want them getting muddy every single day.  If you say to yourself, “Well I just won’t make them a mud-hole and that way they’ll stay clean!”… I can assure you that while it seems like good logic, it doesn’t really apply here.  If a pig is hot, and they want to cool off, they will tip their water dishes over and make one themselves, or take advantage of the aftermath of a summer rain storm.

Of course, if you have pigs that live in a barn and don’t come in your home, then why not let them have the fun of a mud-hole?  The mud keeps them cool, protects them from the sun, and can help prevent bug bites.  We would suggest hosing them off every couple days or so because the mud can dry in their hair and not come out easily.

If you really want to give your outdoor piggies a special treat, why not offer them the option of a mud-hole and a swimming pool?

They’ll be the envy of all the other pigs in town.