Ross Mill Farm sells a few products that are beneficial for senior pigs, or pigs of any age that experience discomfort due to injury or disease.  They can be found in our online store and shipped throughout the country if you have a pig in need.

As many pigs get older, they develop arthritis in their joints, and we’ve found that GLC-1000, a glucosamine and chondroitn product that comes in powder form.  We sprinkle it on their food and they seem to really like the taste of it.  This product has helped a lot of pigs in the early stages of joint stiffness and pain.  It’s one of the first things we give to the pigs when we see them moving slower or with difficulty.


Another product that we’ve recently started using and have seen some great results with is Mitchell’s Medicinals Concentrated CBD Oil Drops.  The benefits of CBD go beyond humans.  Animals also have an endocannabinoid system.  Much in the same way CBD supports human systems, CBD can help with emotional and physical support to our four-legged family members.  Many of our geriatric pigs who have difficulty moving became much more mobile when receiving the CBD Oil on a regular schedule.

More information about Mitchell’s CBD Oil can be found here:

We also sell (and use) Probios, a supplemental powder that promotes the level of beneficial bacteria (the good bacteria) in the digestive system and restores its natural balance.  With the pigs, we use this product for a variety of reasons…. to maintain good health in the digestive tract; to improve appetite and weight gain in pigs that are feeling poorly; before, during, and after any antibiotic treatment; and in stressful situations (trips to the vet, training experiences, changes in the home, etc…).

We stand behind the products we sell.  We use them every day for the pigs in our care.  You can find more information about them in our online store (, where you can also place an order.  If you have any questions, you can call the farm directly at 215-322-1539.