Hey lovers… time to turn the lights down low.
Light some candles and drop some Barry White on the hi fi.
Skyrockets are in flight with this afternoon delight.
But before you flag us for posting piggy porn, let me explain that what you are witnessing is the behavior of a female pig in heat dominating her male partner. Dory, the female on top, is mounting Nemo… poor, sweet, long-suffering Nemo. As you can see, she’s got some sweet moves… moves that are completely useless and ineffective, but something Dory feels compelled to do. This is just one of the weird things that intact females will do and definitely a ringing endorsement for spaying and neutering.
Of course, this is relatively harmless behavior and not a bother to anyone, except for poor Nemo, of course (but honestly, we think he likes the attention). The real reason to spay your female pigs is more serious. As most of you know, the potbellied pig population is out of control and we need to help keep that under control. But another serious health concern is that as they age, many female pigs can develop uterine tumors when they are still intact, and that can be quite serious. Also many female pigs will be very aggressive when they come into heat as well, making them not an ideal pet.
Dory is one of our Pig Placement Network pigs who is waiting to be adopted into her forever home.  When that time comes, if not before, we will make sure she is spayed before being placed.
Most people know the importance of spaying and neutering dogs and cats, and it is equally important for pet pigs, too. Finding a vet that properly cares for potbellied pigs can be a challenge. Many qualified veterinarians can be found here: http://petpigs.com/education/veternarian-location/
Please note that we are not endorsing any of the vets listed there, just letting you know that other people have used them for their pigs. You can also contact the farm for assistance in finding a vet in your area. We are compiling a veterinarian database of qualified pig vets. If you have a great vet that you use, please let us know about him or her so we can include them in our database.
So while you may enjoy our little version of “Grinding Nemo”, please remember to spay and neuter your pigs.