Piggy Resort & Spa


Ross Mill Farm, Inc. Piggy Resort and Spa is a full service facility offering a wide range of accommodations and services for the discerning pet pig.

Guests may choose to stay in the Village with its camp-like cabins, private yards and pools or pamper themselves in the luxurious Lodge.

The Lodge boarding facility includes the famous Lula's Piggy Spa,

It is the only facility in the world designed to offer the ultimate in care for the pet pig

This 5,000 sq ft building provides a variety of 38 private suites, each customized to the needs of the guests.

Whether it's a short or long term stay in the Piggy Camp Village or the plush Lodge, each guest is treated individually.

Each pig is worked with daily. Special care is given to thier general health and disposition.

Careful observations are made with the expert's special eye. Changes are noted and, if necessary, adjustments are made in care.

Lodge Amenities*
  • Short and extended stays
  • Private indoor/outdoor rooms with pools and lanai
  • Concierge service
  • Daily maid service
  • Exercise facilities
  • Room service
  • Personal chefs
  • Concierge service
  • Doctor on call
  • Pick up and delivery limousine service


Lula's Piggy Spa at Ross Mill Farm, Inc. offers the ultimate in indulgence for the pampered pet pig.

Here a pig can find ones true inner and outer beauty. Renew their natural centered calm and be treated to an experience of pure delight.

The Spa is in a separate, specially designed climate controlled room in the Lodge.

Facilities include an air conditioned environment and unique containment systems created to manage their complete comfort.

From the moment they enter, soothing new age bath music and aroma therapy candles set the mood.

A hydraulic platform lifts them into the arms of our trained Pigtician. Now a dream state takes hold and our attentive staff can reward their every whim.

Spa Indulgences*
  • Personal care with complete privacy
  • Bath with full body massage
  • Oil and moisturizing treatments
  • Dander exfoliation
  • Complete facial
  • Eye and ear rejuvenation
  • Emulsifying skin treatment
  • Nails clipped, cleaned and polished
  • Skin and hair conditioning
  • Health and nutritional coach

* Prices available upon request.