In Memorium

In Memorium

The passing of a loved one is part of the circle of life: 
The end and the beginning. 
These unique and wonder creatures touch us in special ways 
that leave wonderful memories and important lessons learned. 
This page honors the time they choose to spend with us. 
We are blessed and grateful.




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In Memory of Peaceable Kingdom Peggy Davies

On March 24th, 2009 at 2:30PM our little Peggy, the princess of the ubiquitous 
Mini Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Peggy was born on August 28th, 1990 in Humboldt, Sask., Canada. She became a resident of Kaysville, Utah in December 1990. Peggy was a Therapy Pig for the Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club. She visited retirement homes with the therapy dogs and showed off her tricks.

In 1992 Peggy moved with her human parents Cliff and Helga to Munich, Germany where she received a warm welcome from the Bavarian Government. Peggy was the author of the Peggy Piggy Post, an annual newsletter to family and friends. During her five years in Munich Peggy was mentioned by the Munich newspaper on the front page and became a discussion point prefacing important diplomatic negotiations. Peggy oinked herself into the hearts of our friends and neighbors in Germany were she also became a favorite with the neighborhood children.

In 1997 when we were transferred back to the United States, Peggy received a special exception from the Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for her re-migration back into the United States through Rock Tavern, N.Y.

She briefly lived in Woodbridge, VA where after an anonymous squeal, she was visited by zoning officials and asked to leave. She settled in Fairfax County Virginia where after another anonymous squeal, she succeeded in receiving a special county permit from the Board of Zoning Appeals. She continued to be persecuted by our mandatory homeowners association and received several threatening letters from the association’s attorney until she successfully changed changed the association covenants.

With all the discrimination and hostility that Peggy experienced in Fairfax County, VA and the regulatory hurdles that she had to jump in her life, she remained a sweet little piggy and made many, many friends. She was always calm and served us as a loving stress reducer. She always greeted our guests with gentle oinks and a wagging tail.

Peggy spent many vacations at Ross Mill Farms, PA where she enjoyed special Spa treatments and massages. She attended the annual Pigfests and participated in the watermelon eating contest and the tail wagging contests. She always was in the ribbons in the tail wagging contest.

She enjoyed spending the last year of her life in her childhood home in Utah. Surviving are her human parents, Cliff and Helga and Thor, the German Shepherd Dog (VGSR#1568), who respected and protected Peggy during her last two years of her life, and many friends and family members in Germany and the United States who met and enjoyed her company. Peggy, we miss you.

Cliff and Helga Davies

March 30, 2009